A-dec NLX Electric Motors
A‑dec|NSK dental handpiece electric motors

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A-dec NLX Electric Motors

A‑dec|NSK dental handpiece electric motors

Challenge: You're tired of reaching, twisting and turning simply because your electric handpieces aren't integrated into your delivery system.

Solution: A-dec NLX nano, A-dec NLX plus.

Place your micromotor instruments where they belong: on your delivery system. Co-developed for seamless operation, the combined NSK and A-dec solution enables you to focus on the patient instead of the equipment. 

The easy-touch control from the A-dec deluxe touchpad, the intuitive power display, and programmable memory for preferred settings are only the beginning. Anticipate increased productivity.

A‑dec|NSK dental handpiece electric motors

Experience a new generation of intuitive control and performance: A-dec NLX nano and A-dec NLX plus give you proven motors for anything from highspeed gross reduction and lowspeed precision finishing, to specialty endodontics.

Reduce fatigue during prolonged procedures. For exceptional ergonomics, the A-dec NLX nano and NLX plus are light in weight and small in size with balanced distribution. Plus:

  • Light up the procedure with brilliant daylight LED illumination of 32,000 lux
  • Operate with precision and consistency: easy settings for activation, speed, torque, and direction
  • Do more in less time: activate the handpiece as you lift it from the holder and view the display as needed
  • Reduce cleanup and extend product life: autoclavable, maintenance-free, and brushless
A‑dec|NSK dental handpiece electric motors

Despite its small size and light weight, the NLX nano is as powerful as traditional micromotors and offers wider range of speeds.

With A-dec NLX plus, you have three user-friendly endo modes: auto-reverse on, auto-stop and auto-reverse off.

You're also assured clearer vision and reduced eye fatigue with an LED that illuminates 32,000 lux of natural daylight.

  • Extra small, extra light, brushless micromotors
  • Perfect balance with a compact body
  • Durable with a solid titanium body and scratch resistant DuraCoat
  • Fully autoclavable micromotor

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